We Have Investor Partners Waiting For You!

Are you a greenfield or brownfield landowner who has thought about developing your land but, not sure where to start or how you would actually fund the project? Not only can we assist with the planning, marketing and sales of a development, we also have investors ready and waiting to help you launch your new park or whatever you choose to do with the land!

We will make carefully informed decisions based on the location of the land, the size, and if it has pre planning approval, to come up with a unique and profitable scheme. You will be provided with a business plan that outlines our recommendations and gives a full break down on costs and profits. You will meet with not only our team, but will be given the opportunity to speak with and meet with our Investor Partner who will become an integral part of the process turn the ideas into a reality. 

Our Investor Partner has worked with us on many projects and is experienced in working out fantastic solutions for different scenarios. The landowner does not have to provide any funding whatsoever, therefore the project is totally risk free from a financial perspective. Our Investor Partner works actively with Sutton Developments to produce the best project outcome.

All bills and invoices for fees and planning applications are settled directly from investor funds which also provide the development capital.

The profit share will be agreed by both parties backed by a formal legal agreement for total clarity. 

There are two revenue streams to consider, firstly the capital profits from the sale of the lodges and secondly profits to be generated from the ongoing running of the site. Throughout the project and after completion you can have as much or as little involvement as you wish. You will have a weekly update and be consulted when important decisions need to be made.

The first thing to do would be to call our team so they can run through the options with you, with regard to the best way to move forward with your land and how to maximise revenue. We have planning experts in various locations throughout the UK and have a large network of industry specialists available that can be allocated to a project at any point should they be required.

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