Top five apps to download and use when taking a vacation

Mobile apps are not only brilliant for businesses, creating customer loyalty, performing actions quicker than websites and engaging with customers by storing user preferences, but they are also great for users. They are quick and convenient, allowing us to access our preferred information and services at the tap of a single button!

We use apps every single day, often subconsciously without even thinking about it, therefore this blog post focuses on five apps that are perfect to download and use when taking a holiday.

  1. Obvious choice, but use a weather app! For me, this is a no brainer, but the amount of people I see on a day to day basis not planning ahead and bringing an umbrella when its clearly rainy outside just baffles me! Maybe you can get away with it when you’re just on the school run, or dashing from the car to the office, but its so important to plan ahead when going on holiday, especially in the UK, as the weather can be so unpredictable. Look ahead, pack the essentials and always be prepared for every weather type would be my best advice!  
  1. The app of your travel provider & phone provider – this might again seem like an obvious choice, and definitely targeted more towards abroad travel – but always download the app of your holiday provider to keep your booking references in one place, and turn the notifications on so you can be updated about any changes to your booking, and reminders such as ‘check in online’ and a more fun ‘countdown’ style notification. Again for your phone provider, I know plenty of people who actually delete this from their phones, but its key (when travelling outside of the UK) to ensure you keep an eye on your data allowance to avoid any nasty (and expensive) bills when you return. Make sure you check to see if your provider offers special rates and allowance passes for the country you plan to travel too.
  1. Costa or Starbucks app – who doesn’t love a FREE coffee? This also goes for any other food or drink rewards schemes, just because you’re not visiting your local Costa, (or Nandos) does’t mean you can’t still redeem your points and qualify for freebies! We tend to eat and drink more when we are on holiday, so don’t loose out on those all important reward points.
  1. Pinterest – I am a keen Pinerest lover, I use it mainly for fashion, quotes, recipes etc, but it is also an excellent tool to find local photo spots and hidden gems you may not know about! You can save photos to your own ‘board’ so an example of this may be ‘Photo Opportunity Spots in London’, or, ‘Tourist Spots In Venice’ and this can often lead you off to blog sites whereby people are reviewing and recommending things to do in the destination you plan to travel to. I must warn you thought, make sure you have enough time on your hands to explore Pinterest, as it’s VERY easy to get lost down a photography rabbit hole!!
  1. Photo editing apps such as KUNI, LightRoom & FaceTune – this goes hand in hand with the above app Pinterest, if you’re anything like me and love taking plenty of photographs on your holidays (both in the UK and abroad) then you want the perfect app to edit those photos with. Whether it be brightening the sky on a gloomy day in the UK, to removing people from an overcrowded tourist spot, KUNI, LightRoom & FaceTune will become your new best friends! There are tones of editing apps out there, these just happen to be my personal favourite. You can also add a ‘date stamp’ using KUNI so you’ll never forget the dates of your all important holiday!
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