The DIY Greenfield Site Development Pitfalls – Why use a Consultant?

The DIY Greenfield Site Development Pitfalls – Why use a Consultant?

There’s always a temptation by many of our potential client to Manage their development projects by themselves, because, on the face of it, it is cheaper. But with our expert teams, projects can be signed, sealed and delivered in record time, allowing you to cash in on your investment faster, without the headache and with peace of mind that we’ve crossed the ‘t’s and dotted the ‘I’s.
So what do Sutton Developments offer?

How can I get planning for my site?

With our team of planning and development solicitors who work with landowners and park operators, advising on planning applications, including appeals and public inquiries, we handle the whole process. We conclude planning obligations (s106) and other infrastructure agreements to facilitate the grant of planning permission. We work very closely with planning authorities, so that when the planning application is put forwards, there aren’t any surprises.

Who will manage my project?

Our team of Project Managers have wellies in their car boots! We have key skills that are invaluable in driving holiday and leisure parks development project forwards. We are able to get to grips with projects very quickly and move them forwards at lightening pace! We collaborate with you to ensure that your project briefs are met, regardless size and timescales. Our professional services include design ideas, surveying, tendering right, through until construction.

How will I get customers?

In such a competitive market place, never underestimate the power of good branding and a cohesive marketing strategy to bring your customers to your new park.

Our Marketing team offer a comprehensive Branding, Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Design and on-going Management, Social Media Campaigns and a full print service. We ensure that your Marketing Strategy forms an integral part of your growth strategy and generates increased income and market share and awareness.

How can I find good staff and train them up?

We understand the need for training and what it takes to deliver high quality training that makes a positive impact. Our training allows employers to reap the benefits and empower participants to develop in their careers, motivating and supporting individuals to adopt a strategic approach that enhances business performance.

To find out more about how Sutton Developments can help you to realise your next dream project, please contact us at

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