Sutton Developments Turns Two!!

As we celebrate our second birthday here at Sutton HQ, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to interview our MD Andy Sutton about his plans for the future, and his thoughts on the past.


So, Andy, out of the last two years, what stands out as a highlight of your journey?

The growth of the company has been amazing, I had many goals set when I started this venture, but didn’t think we could exceed them the way we have, and so quickly! I have a fantastic team that work seamlessly in the background, supporting both my growth and the business. Considering I started out on my own, my team is now growing into double figures, as we take over more and more work in house rather than outsourcing. Our amazing network within the industry has really helped us to stand out as the market leaders in our sector.

 And what do you see for the future, where would you like to see the business as when it celebrates its third year next year?

I have always seen us as a one stop shop, and therefore the business needs to have all functions internally and gradually we are getting there. We also have some major developments we have been working on for the last year, which will see the introduction of a new arm of the company which will be launched later this year (so keep your eyes peeled). As well as storming the UK market, we have been working in the background with a couple of major world wide corporations, which will explode over the coming 12 months – a huge compliment to our success so far!

Do you have plans to expand the team and grow your business offerings? 

Yes, we are already in the process of growing the team substantially in the next six months so it’s a very exciting times! Plus ,we are just about to move again to a bigger premise so it’s been a fantastic journey that is going from strength to strength. We are taking on two young apprentices too to assist with the marketing and office admin elements of the business.

If you had any advice to anyone thinking of starting their own business, what would your top three tips be?

Don’t give up, get out there and make it happen, all of the hours and the journey is well worth the destination, but it will only come with hard work and sacrifices!!


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