Sutton Developments Expansion

Over the last 12 months, Sutton Developments has increased not only its client portfolio, but expanded their employed staff, taken on business premise, and outgrown their current office space.

From humble beginnings, industry expert Andy Sutton started his venture with a clear vision, not letting anything stand in his way of a successful business. Starting solo, Andy quickly built up a loyal client base, attracted industry leaders attention, which in turn lead to several successful partnerships being formed, with the likes of Park Move and Prestige Holiday Homes.

The company started with the aim to help land owners inspiration and options on how to develop their greenfield and brownfield land, however it was quickly apparent Sutton Developments could offer so much more than that. Thus the above partnership being created – offering clients and customers and all round service.

The company have a HQ based in London, as well as a local office space in Newcastle. Due to the fast paced expansion, they have outgrown their initial office, and plan to move into a new premise twice the size of the existing space. While Andy spends his time primarily out on the road, viewing new sites, meeting with clients, and in some extreme cases – riding rollercoasters (he insists its market research) the office space is currently being manned by Andy’s two female accomplices, Alex, the Operations & Marketing Manager, and Eve, the Client Relations Manager. The girls are responsible for client management, marketing, searching for new business, and generally keeping Andy’s busy work schedule in check!

The growth of the business has meant Andy has the privilege of not only attending shows, demonstrations and talks around the country, but also participating in such shows, sharing his knowledge of the industry with his peers as well as informing new clients how his services could transform their business. Some of the previous shows Andy has spoke at include the Business and Innovation Show 2018 and shows for 2019 lined up include The Park & Leisure Homes Show and the Diversification of Land Show in Telford.

The expansion over the last year has allowed Andy and his team to cement themselves firmly in the market place as a one stop shop for land owners looking to develop, grow or expand. The company and the services of its partners mean no project is too big nor too small for Sutton Developments. They plan to grow their client base, team, products and services, and who knows, they might even be taking over an entire floor at their current office block, rather than just upgrading to a bigger room!

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