Social Media Round Up – The Staycation Boom

As the UK has slowly started to ease itself back into normality (whether you agree with it or not) we take a look back at last weeks facts, figures and top stories.

If you are following us on social media, you will see we’re more active and have been trying to keep our followers up to date with any news relating to the leisure, hospitality and tourism industry. Brighter days are definitely on the horizon for the UK economy, especially the staycation holiday market, with more and more Brits choosing to ditch holidays abroad this year amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. As mentioned in a previous blog post, the UK is gearing up for the summer 2020 boom, and I don’t know about you, but we have already seen flocks of tourists head to their favourite alternative accommodation spot already!!

As soon as Boris agreed that the 4th of July, aka Super Saturday would be the first day of the ‘new norm’ – many tourism businesses were ready to bounce back, and according to Sky News (June, 2020) one Staycation was booked every 11 seconds since the announcement. Business had a lot of adapting to do, such as social distancing measures, single use utensils, increased sanitation and on the whole staff need to be more observant and vigilant than ever to sure everyone was adhering to the same safety precautions.

As well as announcing certain industry’s were to be able to open their doors to the public once again, he also announced he intends to tear up certain planning rules (yet to be discussed in full) to help kickstart the UK’s economy recovery. He is calling this the ‘Infrastructure Revolution’ and we are all hanging on to see how this will affect businesses, and more importantly the tourism and hospitality sectors as a whole.

We know there has been much discussion as to why the four nations do not have a coherent plan,  with different rules for Scotland, Ireland and Wales, such as beauty hubs re opening in Ireland, but hospitality being pushed back in Wales. We shared on our instagram page that the tourism industry in Wales was opening in July, but not on Super Saturday as we did in England. Outdoor attractions in Wales are due to open 6 July (today) with self-contained accommodation bookings being delayed until the 13th July – tourism in Wales supports approx 120,000 jobs therefore it is key for their economy (as it is for ours) for the reopening process to move swiftly and smoothly.

With all the headlines flying around at the moment, would you say you are more keen to book your 2020 holidays here in the UK, or are you braving the aeroplanes and heading abroad? We would love to hear your thoughts on this, but whatever you choose to do, please be considerate and stay safe!

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