Prestige Factory Tour

We recently took a trip to our partnered lodge manufacturer Prestige Homeseeker to follow a client journey, see which elements of the lodges can be customised, the interior styling of their most popular homes, and to see exactly how the lodges themselves are manufactured and transported straight from factory to park!

Firstly, we were shown which elements are customisable on the exterior of the lodges, such as roof colour and material and window edging, my personal favourite was the slate grey! There are so many colour choices available, making it so easy to have the lodges looking both unique and well suited to their surroundings.

After this we headed out onto the showground, which was split into two sections, holiday/leisure park homes, and residential homes. We went into three leisure homes, the Dovecote, Forrester, and one of the most popular homes, the Hampton. Each with their own distinctive interior design and sales features. The Dovecote (another one of my personal favourites) was compact but well appointed, the living, dining and kitchen area was open plan and there is a space outside on the deck for a sunken hot tub to be placed – ideal! Next, the Forrester is what I would class as a typical ‘log cabin’ style lodge. With its red tartan soft furnishings, oak furniture and wood beams up at the ceiling. The living space and bedrooms are larger than the Dovecote making the perfect escape for families. Lastly on the leisure side of the showground we visited the highly anticipated Hampton lodge. The Hampton lodge is the one we use photographs of the most when marketing and advertising, as it’s such a stunning lodge to look at. The photographs do not do the interior justice as we were all blown away by how beautiful it was from the inside! It was themed with blues and whites and had a very light, airy and spacious feel. The soft furnishings felt luxurious and the bedrooms boasted walk in wardrobe areas and well designed tiled en suites.

Next, we ventured to the residential homes side of the showground and looked inside the Sofia lodge, which is one of the park homes we are placing on our brand new site down in  Dorest. We were lucky enough to visit Prestige on a bright sunny day, which made the Sofia look very attractive as the sun shone through big windows. The interior is a muted palette of creams and duck egg blue, with extervigent material headboards in the bedrooms and a large comfortable sofa. The residential homes are designed slightly differently to leisure homes, if you are looking for information on the two types of homes, please drop us an email and we are more than happy to discuss this with you.

Our final stop on the tour was inside the factory, where we witnessed lodges coming in (in bits) and assembled, ready to be transported to their new homes/parks/location. The factory is essentially a large conveyor belt, with different sections for all the different elements than need completing before the home is taken out of the factory. There was a painting section, an assembling section, interiors, electronics and so forth. We were all amazed that the homes are transported with the majority of fixtures and fittings installed. The furniture is weighted down, but the majority of the items are stored within the home during its transportation.

It was vital for our team to see the full process in order to support our clients when booking them in for their own factory tours. It gave us all a real insight into how lodges are manufactured and completed ready for their new commercial homes.

If you are interested in finding out more about a factory tour or which elements of your park home can be customised, please get in touch, or if you have land and would like to develop this into your own scheme or project, complete a form on the ‘contact us’ page and one of the team will come back in due course.

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