Partnership with ParcVu

We are proud to announce our partnership with ParcVu Systems and Andy Cressey.

ParcVu have been in business for 35 years and specialise in Holiday Park Management Software.  Although they are now entirely dedicated to the holiday and residential park industry, the company first made its name as the leading supplier of software to the financial regulation sector. Virtually every financial institution you could name has been regulated using software developed by the Potts-Mullarkey partnership. This valuable knowledge and experience helped them to deliver class leading software solutions to the holiday park industry and enabled them to continue developing the best solutions for an ever changing industry. The company believe they have the most trusted software in the sector.

Simply, the software is proven to:

-Reduce costs

-Increase profits

-Enhance the customer experience

Our lead partner Andy Creseey has worked in the holiday park industry since 1993.  For 17 of those years, he was a successful park general manager, this means he fully understands park operations, frustrations and what is required to succeed.  Prior to starting work for ParcVu Systems (August 17) he had been a customer of theirs for over 20 years.  Andy’s personal experience on parks, along with being a long standing ParcVu client, means he is well placed to advise holiday parks on exactly how ParcVu software could help.The process is very simple.  When a park expresses an interest, Andy personally goes to see them and demonstrates the software and advise on how it may help them.  No pressure, no nonsense.  Sometimes he may say “no” if they don’t feel the solutions can help!

The benefits of this partnership to our clients is the utilisation of the experience within this industry. Andy Sutton, of Sutton Developments, has helped many people to make sound business decisions, and also understands the importance of good management systems/software and the value it brings to a business. With Andy Cressey’s experience within the field, he spends a large amount of his time with park owners, therefore sees and hears lots of great ideas, and shares his best practice. Between the two Andy’s they have the knowledge, experience and connections to help clients make better decisions and recommend the best systems to support with their choices.

ParcVu Systems have been successfully supporting holiday parks for over 35 years and are the most trusted providers of park management software to a vast array of parks ranging from parks with as little as 50 pitches to large groups with over 40K pitches.

Often, they both see where each of our businesses could add some serious value and benefit to other parks/groups that they are speaking with.  Working together simply means we can both help parks to improve and add value because we have a trusted partnership and both have incredibly good reputations within the hospitality market. Joining forces simply allows us to provide a better service to our clients and support them with yet more aspects of their hospitality journey.

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