Interview with Junior – Working From Home

1. How are you adapting to working remotely?

Working from home has been good for me, I have been used to working this way for many years, as a freelance. However more so now I feel that I miss the office camaraderie, having people around to bounce ideas with and to learn from is something I do miss right now.

2. What is your work setup like? Are you experiencing any technology challenges and what would your ideal work station be set out like? 

I have a desk set up With a second screen/potentially 3rd screen too if I need it. Though I do prefer to have multiple screens. It feels like I can work faster and multi task better. My ideal set up would have 4-5 screens, sometimes I have so many tabs open it would be great to have more screens.

3. What is your daily routine? Do you take breaks as you would in an office environment to keep refreshed and motivated?  

My daily routine, tend to be I wake up, scan twitter to check whats going on within the digital sector, and the current news. I make a cup of ginger/lemon tea and jump on my computer at around 8.45am to set up for the day. Then in between I would make Brunch, Lunch and dinner too around my work, then I go to gym around 6.30, then work a bit more, I do for some reason feel far more creative on an evening when the emails and phones are quiet – Does anyone else feel more creative on an evening? I do take plenty of little breaks to just freshen my mind its really important especially when you are in the same room 5 days a week, you sleep, you work, you eat all in one room! (We have a 3 bedroom house, shared with 2 other house mates)

4. Would you say our meetings are remote-friendly? Are you able to access everything you need to ie zoom and Skype?

Yes 100% believe so! Zoom and Skype are so handy, Im used to just chatting to colleagues when everyone are on their desks so I can just send a quick chat message if I need anything or want to know something. –

5. What advice would you give to others who are starting a new position that requires remote working? What are your top tips on keeping focused and motivated? 

My top tip for anyone starting a new position that requires remote working, is to make sure you take the normal time you need to do some research and understand your role, ask questions and take breaks, just to refresh your mind. It is so important to remember to take care of your mental state. Set daily targets and goals and drink plenty of water too!

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