Interview With Lauren

What is your role within the company?
My role within the business is a Client Coordinator. This means I am responsible for keeping our clients up to date and making sure they have a point of contact. I speak to our clients at least once a week to make sure everything is running smoothly and to offer any updates available. My role involves a lot of admin work, organising company travel and diary. The team are always throwing new tasks and challenges my way, which is something I am really enjoying as I am gaining an insight into other areas of the business! I never do the same thing 2 days in a row!

On a day to day basis, if you could only name three tasks that had to be completed, what would they be?

Speaking to clients
Organising Andy’s busy diary- making sure he isn’t in two places at once which can prove a challenge!
• Researching- whether this be marketing or new ideas to benefit the business, I’d be lost without google!

What is your favourite part about working with Sutton Developments?

I am new to the company and I cannot fault the team, they have been so welcoming and helped me to slot right in! My favourite thing about working here, is working with likeminded and passionate people, it is so clear how much drive everyone has, and I suppose that is why the business is so successful!

What would you say is the most challenging part?

It is a very fast paced environment and I am still learning everything! There is certainly no time to sit twiddling your thumbs! It is the hardest thing about working here, but also what makes it the most enjoyable, I love keeping busy and I definitely do not struggle with that working here.

If you were given only ONE tool/piece of technology to do your job – which tool would it be and why did you pick it?

My iPhone! I can ensure everyone is updated, my emails are organised and be contactable from outside the office, this means I can be on hand at any time to assist, which is very beneficial for my roll!

If our MD Andy had to describe you in three words what would they be?




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