Interview With Holly

On a day to day basis, if you could only name three tasks that had to be completed, what would they be?

Building and maintaining our clients web and social media presence.

Designing marketing materials.

Planning how to distribute a brands message.


What is your favourite part about working with Sutton Developments?

Since starting just 3 months ago I’ve felt so welcomed and supportive. Everyone in the team works incredibly hard but that doesn’t stop us having a laugh in the office!


What would you say is the most challenging part?

Keeping ahead of technological and social trends. With constant advancements in communication technology, and ever changing social trends you can never stop learning.


If you were given only ONE tool/piece of technology to do your job – which tool would it be and why did you pick it?

For me it’s my Macbook, as I’m constantly browsing the web, design logos and websites I love to have everything at my finger tips and can often be found with 100s of tabs open at once!


If our MD Andy had to describe you in three words what would they be?




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