How important is it for you to take your dog on holiday with you?

How important is it for you to take your dog on holiday with you? – obviously providing you have a dog, or ‘another member of the family’ as we call ours!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Alex, I look after the social media (and blogs) here at Sutton Developments, and I am proud to say I am a crazy dog lady!! My dog Stuie, a ten year old King Charles Cavalier rules the roost in my house. Now he is classed as a ‘veteran’ dog, we have had to modify our house in order to be a bit more friendly to his old legs, we have little staircases so he is able to climb up onto the sofa, we have anti-slip mats at the bottom of the staircase and a ramp outside the backdoor to make it easier for him to get back inside. Call me crazy, but dogs bring so much joy to our lives, if we can do anything to make his little life easier – then we will!

Anyway, back to the point of this blog, as a personal choice, I do prefer to go abroad for my holidays, however, if I was to holiday in the UK, being able to take Stuie would be the main attraction for booking somewhere. If I couldn’t take him away in the UK with us, we simply wouldn’t go. I think this is the same for many dog owners, why would you holiday in the UK and leave your dog at home, it makes much more sense to be able to take them with you. I know for owners of holiday sites, ie cottages, lodges, hotels, allowing animals comes with both positives and negatives; one well behaved dog vs three flighty dogs is a whole different conversation.

We did a question poll on our Sutton Developments Instagram page a few weeks ago, and asked our audience if they agreed with us, that when selecting a holiday location/destination in the UK, is ‘pet friendly’ a decision maker for you, and how important is it to be able to take your four legged friends with you?

Here are the results: 


























Would you agree with the majority, that taking your dog is important when considering holiday options? 

If you do holiday with your pets, where is your favourite place to stay? Let us know what you think. 

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