Hot Tub Holiday

It’s nothing of a secret that holidays that include hot tubs have seen a massive surge of popularity over the last few years, a trend which has bubbled into an expectation. A holiday cottage or lodge, with a hot tub, was once a luxury addition, but now is seen as a necessity when booking a vacation here in the UK. Whether it be a plastic marble effect square tub, or a wood fired round tub – there really is a tub for everyone!
Whether the hot tub is a built in feature of a luxury lodge, or perched outdoors taking in views of the surrounding countryside, it really does add a little something to your holiday. Even glamping sites are now choosing to include a hot tub as part of their holiday offerings, actually making it harder now for sites to stand out from the crowd! 
Despite what you may think, hot tubs are pretty easy to install, and can be ready to use within a couple of days (obviously depending on type and brand) and can help boost bookings almost immediately. If you look at the majority of booking engines and search facilities, having a ‘hot tub’ now comes as standard, with many people using this tool to filter out places and destinations as an automatic ‘no’ if a site doesn’t have a tub – or some form of spa available. As well as on booking websites, it’s undeniable that customers are using Google to search for ‘Hot Tub Holidays’ – with top searches including ‘Lodges With Hot Tubs’ and ‘Cottages With Hot Tubs’.
Would you say having a hot tub or not would sway your decision on whether you would book a holiday or not? We would love to hear your thoughts on this. 
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