Brexit and the Staycation

“Staycations have become increasingly popular among Britons – and according to a new survey, they could help contribute £27 billion to the UK economy by taking a holiday closer to home” (according to the Daily Express)

Research, conducted by the UK hospitality job board, discovered 70% of Britain are planning a break in the UK for 2020, marking an increase in the predicted number of staycations compared to the previous year.

This is music to the ears of companies and tour operators focusing on the UK holiday market. With the likes of cheap online holiday sale sites, it has become  increasingly easy for us to book a cheaper break to Europe (or further) than it is to book a holiday in the UK, with competition at an all time high, including free childs places, room upgrades and board upgrades to entice holiday’goers. It has taken a long time for people to accept the quality of English holidays to be ‘luxury’ and value for money. People often forget that many of our British coastlines hold a Blue Flag Award, with over 140 beaches holding the prestigious title.

UK holiday destinations such as The Lake District, Devon & Cornwall, Wales and Scotland, for example, have everything you’d ever need for your vacation, now aptly named ‘Staycation’ – such as beaches, theatres, zoos, shopping and more! With the UK also prone to decent (ish) weather during the summer months, we can guarantee the beaches of Devon could pass for somewhere much more exotic, for example Woolacombe Beach in Devon winning Best Beach in 2019 according to Travel Moments Opodo (

Typically, for people living near to major airports, flights to Europe have been cheap, quick and easy… book a flight, pack a bag, turn up and you’re away! However, the uncertainty of Brexit conditions means last minute flights Could be a thing of the past, with Britons possibly needing Visas to leave the UK, adding unnecessary cost and time constrains to what used to be a simple process. We, in the UK, will not be required to get entirely new passports, but, anyone with less than six-months on their travel documents may be denied travel, adding yet another level of apprehension as we enter a new decade, under the new UK trading conditions.

While Brexit still leaves the nation divided, it can only benefit  land owners, traders and hospitality consultants as an larger quantity of people will want to stay in the UK, contributing to our own economy, whether that be by day trips, lodging breaks or a more conventional hotel stay. As well as impacting the UK holiday economy, students who once would have considered working abroad in Europe on a ‘gap year’ will now be urged to stay at home, gaining their valuable education experience here in the UK, therefore meaning a higher number of skilled and educated young adults will remain in the UK. Our of 2,078 students surveyed, 69% voiced concerns about European Travel after October 2019, according to PRN NewsWire ( 

Another aspect of the debate, is the affect the high volume of flights we are taking is having on the environment and our carbon footprint. We (as a nation) are trying to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, and taking frequent holidays, completely goes against this, whereby staying in the UK for our holidays, obviously goes in favour of our carbon footprint.

Another important aspect of the debate, is the affect that a  high volume of flights is having on the environment and our carbon footprint. We (as a nation) are trying to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but taking frequent holidays via high carbon emission modes of transport completely goes against this aim.  whereby staying in the UK, and the subsequent reduction in pollution and emissions can only help the worldwide goal to combat the effects of greenhouse gasses and the terrible consequence of global warming. 

It is clear to see that the UK holiday market is here to stay – which is why we love the term ‘staycation’ more than ever! 

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