Benefits Of Staycations

Staycations are experiencing a massive boom in the current holiday market. 


Due to Coronavirus denying tourists access to their usual abroad escapes, Individuals looked to experience staycations. To put the influx of staycations into perspective, tourism is the fastest growing industry in the UK, expected to expand by 3.8% a year up until 2025.  Although foreign travel is back on the cards for many tourists, there are still many benefits of a staycation. 


Travelling more sustainably is a sizeable reason for holidaying in your own country. Air travel can have a large impact on the environment, because of aviation emissions. When having a staycation, you can travel by car to most places within a matter of hours, which has less of an impact on the environment.

Local economies have suffered a lot in the past few years as a result of the decline of the high street. Tourism can benefit local economies massively which is vital to prevent them from closing. It is also a great way to support local businesses not just financially, but also figuratively by showing your support for what they do. 


Staycations offer the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist hotspots. This is a welcome option for British holidaymakers as a survey carried out in 2020, revealed that 83% would now prefer to take a break in the UK rather than abroad due to fears surrounding COVID-19. 

Having a staycation instead of going abroad can also save time on travelling, allowing you to start relaxing sooner. 74% of British holidaymakers said that their top holiday priority is relaxation. Additionally, it can be financially positive. When travelling abroad, there are many extra costs that you don’t need to worry about when enjoying a staycation.


It is clear to see that our love for the outdoors has been revitalised as holidaymakers start to move away from urban-based holidays and start to embrace nature. So whether you choose a relaxing retreat or an action-packed break, we are sure you’ll have the trip of a lifetime, discovering the hidden gems of the UK.

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