A New Era…

It’s fair to say that the past 18 months has been a bit of a roller coaster for all of us, but what has it meant for the leisure industry? Normally the pattern of renewal is a bit of an annual thing, with parks and manufacturers releasing their latest offerings at shows. For now, though, all the rule books have been thrown out of the window, and we’re in uncharted territory. 

That not only creates a challenge, but also a great opportunity to do things differently, and that’s exactly why the next couple of years in the UK leisure home market could be the most exciting we’ve seen yet. As there are a few well-documented supply and demand issues, buyers have had to be more savvy than ever, as manufacturing order books are mostly choc-a-bloc for the foreseeable future. That’s why we’ve seen new manufacturers emerging and with them new concepts and innovations. 

Looking ahead a little, when the demand levels out a bit differentiation may well be key, so while the mass market will cater to itself somewhat, those who present well and with clear USP’s on either location, design or experience, or other stand-out aspects of their offering for that matter, could hold higher occupation levels for longer.  

That’s why in the higher end of the marketplace boundaries are now being pushed hard to ensure long-term investments stand up to short, medium and long-term scrutiny with a high-performance in mind on both customer experience and ROI.  

While our news feeds are already filled with pop up parks offering more of the same, the challenge to secure the long-term business must surely be doing more of something different. This background and climate will undoubtedly breed some of the most exciting holiday developments yet to be seen in the UK, and, of course, we know that’s exactly what’s happening. When matched with solid investment the results could not only be phenomenal, but the UK accommodation landscape could be about to step into an era that could be remembered for decades to come.

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