7 Ways To Make Your Social Media Content Stand Out

Having a social media presence is now more important than ever. A strong social media presence can help increase traffic to your website, improve brand awareness and start conversations. Social media also gives your customers a platform to communicate directly with you easily. 

Social media can be difficult to stand out on, because you are competing against other individuals and businesses for attention. So here are 7 tips and tricks to make your social media content stand out!


1. Use interactive content.

Interactive content can be a great way to engage your audience, because it means they aren’t just passively absorbing content. It can give you an insight into user behaviours and preferences, which you can then use when creating content.

Interactive content can include video content, maps, graphs, charts, interactive infographics, contests, polls and quizzes. Many online tools are available to help make interactive posts for your social media. 


2. Create a consistent aesthetic.

When using social media, it is important to stick to a certain theme. This makes your account look professional and well organised. A good way to start a consistent aesthetic is to select a set of colours that match the brand and use these for your visual posts. This can make audiences familiar with the brand/business and their colours, therefore creating brand awareness. Another way is to make all of your posts conform to a regular theme and style. This can be critical if your main social media is image based. 

Additionally, when creating visual content it is essential to use high quality images. This is because using low quality images can have a negative effect on your brand image and can look unprofessional. 

3. Write interesting captions. 

The captions you write on posts should be informative whilst also interesting the audience. Remember social media is used to interact with the audience so write captions like a conversation, instead of just talking at the audience.


4. Post user generated content. 

User generated content includes emails from customers, reviews from customers, posts of customers using your product/service. This content will receive more attention, because the people who have made it are not backed by the business.

Additionally, using user generated content shows your audience that you are listening, therefore strengthening the relationship between your business and your audience.


5. Have a posting schedule.

Posting content regularly will get the attention of your audience. This is because they will be able to see the effort you are putting into your account.

If your account consists of irregular posts, just sharing other accounts’ content and unprofessional posts, your audience is not going to pay attention and it could even damage the brand image. 

6. Make your posts personal to the reader. 

Making your post personal to the reader, will make your content stand out. This is because you will fully engage the audience if the content is personal to them. 

You can make posts personal, by focusing on small parts of what your business/ service offers and making detailed content about it. This will make your posts more personal , as it will target more personal wants. 


7. Make your content relevant.

A great way to make your content engaging and eye-catching is to keep it relevant. Look at what the current situation is. For instance, if your business has had to close for COVID-19, you could create content about when your business can open again, what you plan to do when the business reopens and how excited you are for this to happen. 

This will tell your audience that you are keeping up to date with what’s going on in the world and with your business, which will show effort and dedication, which your audience will pick up on.


And there we go! 7 ways to make your social media content stand out. Hope this can help you!

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