5 Must-See Attractions In The UK

5 Must-See Attractions In The UK! 


The UK may be small, but don’t let this fool you,  as it is bursting with rich history, culture, thrilling attractions and incredible natural beauty. Additionally, with a huge network of railways and motorways, it couldn’t be easier to get from one spectacular attraction to another. With so many attractions to choose from it can be hard to decide which ones to explore. In this blog, we will introduce you to a handful of the best attractions in the UK to help you decide. 


1) Stonehenge 


Stonehenge is Europe’s best-known prehistoric monument. The visitor centre at this intriguing attraction provides fantastic information on how the megaliths were erected between 3000 and 1500 BC and what life was like around this time. After exploring the various viewing points, you can visit the authentic replicas of Neolithic houses to get a deeper understanding of what life was like in these times. Although you can’t go inside the circle during normal opening hours, you can reserve special early morning or late evening access into the circle through English Heritage. 


2) Snowdonia National Park


Snowdonia is described as the adventure capital of Europe, with some of the UK’s best attractions in this location. These include the National Park Itself, Zip World and Adventure Parc Snowdonia. The national park offers incredible walking/hiking experiences and stunning views. Zip world is the adventure of a lifetime, where you can experience the fastest zip line in the world! You can soar over Penrhyn Quarry at up to or over 100mph whilst taking in unbeatable views of Snowdonia. Adventure Parc Snowdonia offers unique experiences, from surfing to a ninja assault course.


3) Lake District National Park 


The Lake District is bursting with breathtaking views and amazing hikes/walks. With magnificent views and 12 of the country’s largest lakes, it is easy to say that the Lake District is one of the best attractions the UK has to offer. Furthermore, you can visit Scafell Pike which is 3,210 feet high, making it the highest mountain in England. Numerous boat excursions can be found on Lake Windermere and Ullswater, guaranteed to provide the best views of everything this beautiful region has to offer. 


4) Tower of London


This World Heritage site is steeped in rich history and considered by many the most important building in England. A highlight of this destination is the crown jewels, which are kept at the tower for tourists to observe.  The tower was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror and is home to some of the most fascinating exhibits in the country!  


5) Chester Zoo 


This 125-acre site is home to about 400 different species and more than 11,000 animals.  The zoo has many impressive exhibits, such as a penguin pool, chimpanzee island and Europe’s largest tropical house. In addition to this, the zoo has prize-winning landscaped gardens that visitors can explore. This attraction is perfect for all ages and offers seasonal events for everyone to enjoy. For easy transport around the zoo, you can use the monorail to fit in as many exhibits as possible! 

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