4 Top Tips For Attracting And Retaining Hospitality Staff In The Post-Lockdown Boom

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased, your hospitality business is likely to be busier than ever. If you’re looking to take on new employees to help you with this sudden influx of customers, make sure to check out these tips on attracting and retaining hospitality staff, courtesy of Mike Hardman from the catering equipment supplier Alliance Online. 

There’s no denying the huge impact lockdown restrictions have had on hospitality businesses — in fact, hospitality was the worst hit sector in the UK (BBC News). However, after this incredibly challenging period for the industry, things finally seem to be on the up. With a surge of bookings for restaurants and pubs, and a sharp increase in the number of people having staycations in the UK, many businesses are receiving more customers than they were pre-lockdown! 

If your business is booming again, you’re probably on the lookout for an extra pair of hands (or several) to keep up with demand. Here are four top tips for hospitality businesses looking to attract and retain staff.  


1) Know where to find them

When figuring out how to attract hospitality staff, the first thing to know is where you should be looking. There are a range of different job boards out there to choose from, so don’t limit yourself to just one. Make sure to consider posting on all of the major online job listing sites, such as Indeed, Reed, and TotalJobs, as well as some hospitality specific boards, such as Hospitality Jobs UK and Caterer. And don’t forget the power of a sign in the window. While it may seem old fashioned, using a “help wanted” sign is a great way to advertise to people local to the area. 

If you’re looking for a more modern way to find staff, social media is a great option. Not only can you reach a wider audience through shares, but you will attract candidates who are already a fan of your business, and are therefore likely to be passionate about the role. 


2) Debunk common misconceptions 

Anyone already in the industry knows how great it is to work in. But those looking from the outside often see a different picture. Many people consider roles in the industry to have very little career progression, and some still believe it’s a sector primarily for women. These misconceptions are harming the industry, as they are preventing potential candidates from applying to hospitality roles. For example, 26% of young Brits didn’t consider working in hospitality as an option for degree-educated people (IHG). 

In order to debunk these misconceptions, find ways to spread your message far and wide. You could do this by attending job fairs, school careers days, or even by using social media to reach out to the younger generation. Make sure to be clear that the industry is open for everybody, and tell your audience about the wide range of roles available, such as hotel management, event planning, marketing, and more. 


3) Support career advancement 

To keep your employees loyal to your business, encourage them to look forward to their future at your company by helping them gain the necessary skills for career advancement. While many assume the industry has no room for development, it’s actually been found to be the best sector for career growth (Glion). 

Make this clear to employees, and help them get into their dream hospitality role by providing them with the training they need to succeed. As well as helping workers develop new skills, training sessions also allow them to brush up on existing skills so they can thrive in their current role too. 

You could also run a mentorship scheme in the workplace so new employees can get advice from people in their dream roles on how to get to where they are. This will help your employee set an action plan with goals and objectives, and encourage them to work even harder at their current role in order to succeed.  


4) Create a supportive team culture

Hospitality is an incredibly fast paced industry, so it requires great problem-solving skills and a lot of thinking on your feet. As exciting as this makes careers in the sector, it can also make them stressful too. In fact, with 64% of hospitality workers suffering from stress, it is the fifth most stressful sector in the UK (The Staff Canteen). 

In order to alleviate this stress, it’s important to create an open and supportive team culture, not just to attract new staff, but for the wellbeing of current staff too. Make it clear to all your employees that you’re there for them with any issues or mental health problems they’re facing. A great way to encourage staff to open up is by opening up yourself, as this can both strengthen your bond with your team, and encourage your employees to do the same (ResearchGate). 

You should also host regular get-togethers for your team to encourage them to bond. As well as boosting the morale of your staff, employees who get on well will likely find teamwork and collaboration easier, making it a win-win for both you and your workers.  


Hospitality is an exciting sector to work in, as it’s full of variety and teamwork. If you make this clear to potential candidates and use the tips above, you should find new staff in no time, and hold onto them too. If you’re looking for ways to make your hospitality business thrive, make sure to check out the services offered by Sutton Developments!


Blog written by Alliance Online.  https://www.allianceonline.co.uk/home 


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